Chambers International, established in 1979, is a group of highly reputable companies providing comprehensive, cost-effective property and facilities management expertise, valuation services, project marketing and real agency services in Singapore and the region. It has about 200 staff members and almost 200 developments under our management.

Chambers International is Bizsafe Level 4 Certified. Being one of the largest in property and facilities management company and having over 30 years of experience in all types of development, the organization has been recognised as one of the leaders in real estate industry in Singapore.


Chambers is proud to be a fully owned Singapore company, where the senior management staff are also the shareholders and members of the Board of Directors.

We exercise great care in managing our operation costs, and this is translated into cost effective services for the benefits of our clients.

We have a vast amount of projects which allows the economies of scale to benefit our operations and clients.

In property and facilities management, experience plays a vital role. Planning of daily operations and handling of unexpected maintenance issues would require the appropriate experience to manage a property the right way, as well as tackle emergency situations.

We are proud to say we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the management of various types of properties, be them strata titled properties, or buildings under a sole proprietor. Our experience will prove beneficial to the customer throughout the lifespan of the property.

Our reputation is evident from our track record over the past 30 years. Our commitment to continuously improve and upgrade our areas of expertise is also the source to our excellence in our service.